handmade stamps from pool noodles. book covers and Herbs Finds

Getting ready for Gramma Camp starting tomorrow.  Sun catchers, fairy houses and gardens, exploding soap and much more.  Will share photos and how tos each day.  I love art in so many forms from beautiful gardens, food and pastries artfully prepared to a simple basket of strawberries.  Beauty in its natural form is all around us and all we have to do is look.  Dandelions, bark on a tree, a rusty old metal door with little chips of green paint still visible.  Wabi Sabi every where we look.

another favorite of mine is old book covers.  The colors, the fonts, the graphics.  I love them. so I thought it would be fun to share a book cover each day.  I believe this book is maybe danish.  It’s a small book about 4 by 4 inches and has funny little line drawings inside.  

my fun crafting tip to share is slicing up an old pool noodle to use for stamping.  Works with ink or paint. another part of my blog will be to share with you whenever my husband brings home treasures from his sales, pics of HERB’S Finds.   and he finds great stuff!   here is what he brought home yesterday along with a 1957 Syracuse city directory for $1.00 Enjoy your day and I hope you live an artful life.  Cindy


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