Gramma Camp Day 1

We started the morning making trail mix to munch on while creating art.   Our first project was making sun catchers by pouring glue into plastic lids. Like sour cream or cottage cheese container lids.  Then we used food coloring to add color drops to the glue.  About eight drops using different colors.  Then you pull a tooth pick through to make designs.  This doesn’t take long but takes about 4 days to dry, so we did these first then set them aside.

next we got out 4 inch square glazed tiles.  Purchased these at Home Depot for 46 cents each.  A brand new package of colorful Sharpies and had the kids draw patterns and designs on their tiles, you can even just scribble lots of colors all over the tile.  Then we used pipettes to drop rubbing alcohol on to the tiles to make swirly cool patterns.  If you use too much alcohol it will fade all the color out.  If this happens, take a paper towel and wipe it all off and start over. 

                       Next we cut the bottoms off of small water bottles, covered the open end with a small sock and secured it with a rubber band.  I filled paper bowls with dish detergent and a little water and the kids dipped the sock end into the soap solution and got it very wet and soapy.  We had big blue buckets used for ice at picnics, around $5 at Walmart on the table.  The kids blew into the mouth of the water bottles to create bubble snakes.  this was a big hit and lots of fun.  Be careful to blow out and not suck in the bubbles. 

           It was now time for 3 large pizzas for lunch.  even baby Jack was enjoying chewing on a little crust. 

     After lunch we decided to explode soap in the microwave using bars of ivory soap. 

   We then had time for a chilly dip in the pool and some cousin silliness in the daybed. 

     The final art project for the day was musical paint instead of musical chairs.  We stood around the paper covered table each person with a paint brush and a different color of paint.  I played music and each person started painting in front of them.  When the music stopped we all moved one space to the right and continued painting on that persons picture until we filled the whole paper. 

           needless to say Gramma is very tired.  Heading off to bed now as we have another fun day planned for tomorrow.

Goodnight and I hope you live an artful life.

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  1. Cindy, I think you are amazing! I am bushed after three days of cuddling my baby Amelia. You have a wonderful family and I am looking forward to having fun days like that with my grandchildren!

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