Beginning an Abstract page in my journal

Because I have been working on so many other projects lately, I. Have neglected art journaling everyday. Got the journal out last night and prepped a couple pages to work on this weekend.  decided this morning to play with an abstract idea.  Never sure how this will turn out but have fun experimenting.  One thing I. Do while painting with a brayer is that I roll the excess paint off on the heavy paper covering my work table.  Paper can be used later in a mixed media project.  I had some small scrap boards on the table next to my journal and instead of rolling off the  excess paint on the paper, I rolled it off on the boards.  I liked what happened and will use the boards later for mini abstracts. 

 Background  page I am starting for my journal abstract. 

   Little scrap woods that hold rub offs from the brayer.  Think these will develop into something interesting.

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