Living an artful life.

Art, music, vintage goods and books. Family and food. As we sat around a table laden with food (crepes) that my family was thrilled to see, my sons, grandson Logan and my husband all playing musical instruments and little ones stretched out on the floor with new sketchbooks and pencils in hand I realized how very lucky I was to have my life. Each gift to me was an expression of love I will always cherish. Pieces of pottery hand picked for all the colors and patterns I love. A hand stitched runner made by my daughter in law filled with butterflies, birds, and patterns and squiggles I use in my own artwork. What a beautiful treasure. Sketchbooks, pencils, photographs of my beautiful grandchildren, little sweet boxes filled with future presents, handmade gifts by the kiddies and vintage Christmas and art items that I collect. I am so truly blessed.